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World heritage property restoration at Kilwa ruins, Tanzania

Major restoration work was done this year at Kilwa Kisiwani ruins World Heritage Site in Tanzania, as it involves the restoration of stairs at Husuni Kubwa palace. So far, conservation actions were focused on the best practices of restoration by using the same materials used in the past, namely: coral stone, lime, white sand, and red sand. The work was carried out by technicians at Kilwa ruins Office in collaboration with local communities who were trained on conservation issues and who have been doing restoration in historical buildings.

Furthermore, this work was made possible through the cooperation between Mr. Issa Sarboko Makarani, Conservation Architect from Zanzibar Stone Town; Mr. Erick James Kajiru, Member from UNESCO – NATCOM, who is Principal Programme Officer of Culture and World Heritage; Mr. Maxmilian Felix Chami who is Programme Officer Culture II; Ms. Mercy Mbogelah, Site Manager of the Ruins of Kilwa and her colleague TAWA who reported each progress and evaluation of the implemented activities.







Photo 2: Stairs of Husuni Kubwa Palace before restoration. Source: Mercy Mbogelah (2021).








Photo 3: Stairs of Husuni Kubwa palace after rehabilitation. Source: Mercy Mbogelah (2021).