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African Site Managers Network (ASMN)

About us

The African Site Managers Network (ASMN) is composed of an Interim Committee of 15 elected site managers of the Africa region which include a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The network aims to enable managers of World Heritage sites in Africa to share their experiences and improve their capacity to implement the 1972 World Heritage Convention and the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of that Convention. 

To this end, five facilitators (African World Heritage site managers) have been identified and facilitated the establishment of an Interim Committee composed of 15 site managers representing the five sub-regions. One of the core functions of the Interim Committee is to favour the setup of a permanent steering committee made up of elected representatives of African site managers, to ensure the proper conduct of programs and activities, including dissemination of information, capacity building and fundraising for the sustainability of the network.

The ASMN seeks to work for a better promotion, representation and conservation of the world heritage sites in the Africa region for the benefit of the present and future generations.



The ASMN functions as a regional networking platform and works in close collaboration and in partnership with the African States Parties, the African World Heritage Fund, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the field offices in Africa to achieve the following:

  • The creation and updating of a web portal for communication and dissemination of information purposes;
  • The development of a funding strategy for the establishment of long term programs linked to regional priorities emerging from the 3rd Cycle of the Periodic Reporting and the African Union Agenda on heritage;
  • The support to the activities of the States Parties and the African World Heritage Fund, including raising awareness on the importance of World Heritage in respective States Parties ;
  • The sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences in good practices of heritage management; and
  • The facilitation of capacity building of African site managers.
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